Staatl Fachingen

Минеральная вода

It is unlikely that any German water has such a distinctive and vibrant tradition as Staatl. Fachingen. Even hundreds of years ago, the water was famous for its smooth, pleasant taste and its extraordinary mineral qualities. Staatl. Fachingen has always been particularly favoured by people who place great importance on their acid/alkaline balance. Because of the naturally high content of hydrogen carbonate which supports the body in regulating the acid-base balance. So go ahead and live - with joy, delight and energy. With Staatl. Fachingen you are well prepared. Since 1742 Staatl. Fachingen is very unique: awareness and quality are carried on and handed over from generation to generation. And that shows: Quality is acknowledged and certified by time! Staatl. Fachingen. The Water. Since 1742.

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